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Crete is the largest of the Greek islands. It covers an area of about 8300sq.km, running the length 260kms and the width ranging from 12 to 60 kms. The local population is about 600 000 people. Two thirds of the island is covered by mountains, with eight peeks over 2000m, the largest of which is Psiloretes at 2456m.

Climate of Crete

The climate of Crete is mild Mediterranean, dry and warm. The island is the sunniest place in Europe, with sunshine expected for 245 days a year. Average temperatures range from 12C (54F) to 27C (81), though if there is a southerly wind from Africa it can become ferociously hot. Temperatures vary significantly between the mountains, where snow can linger into spring.

Europe. Hypocrites, who laid the foundations of medicine, recommended the island for patients who were recuperating. The copious supply of fresh water, as much as The Cretan climate was renowned in antiquity as the healthiest and mildest in the generally pleasant climate, must have been significant factors in the establishment of the Minoan civilization. Today, Crete continues to be one of the most important agricultural areas in Greece, providing half the country's olive oil, most of its sultanas and a lot of other products.

Sealines to Crete

The region of Crete has been developed quite important port infrastructure. The most important harbor is Heraklion' harbor, which facilitates the transportation of goods, vehicles and passengers. Heraklion harbor is characterized as a national level harbor with high passenger and commodity activities. It mainly connects Crete to Piraeus harbor. Soudas' harbor and the harbors of Kastelli , Rethymno, Ag. Nikolaos and Sitia are also located on the Northern coast of Crete and connects Crete with the rest parts of Greece We can also mention, the harbors of Palaioxora, Sfakia,Ag. Galini, Kali Limenes,Kokkinos Pirgos and Ieraperta which are located to the Southern coast. They mainly have a piscatory character. The Kastelli' harbour connect (through ferries) Crete with Pellononissos and the Sitia harbour connect Crete with inland of Aegean.

Airlines to Crete

The airtransfer sector of Crete dominates the passengers-tourists transportation in the island. There are three civil airports in the region of Crete. The largest airport is located near the city of Heraklion. Heraklion airport "N.Kazanzakis" considered as the second airport of the country. Chania airport is located near the city of Chania. It mainly serves the tourists transportation of the area.

The Road Network of Crete is completed with the Provincial Network, which has substantially developed, the last decade.

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